Digital Signage Solutions

Content-rich digital signage.

Digital Signage Solutions

Content-rich digital signage.

What is Digital Signage?

Powered by Mvix — we provide a content-rich digital signage platform for managing, updating, and displaying dynamic content on digital signs, video walls, and kiosks.

Being content-rich means the Mvix digital signage software has over 150 content apps and data sources & integrations e.g. Salesforce, social media, MySQL, CAP alerts, Google Analytics, Rest API, KPI dashboards, HubSpot and more.

Mvix’s suite of complete digital signage solutions include:

Features. Solutions. Services. Markets.


Comprehensive & Customisable

Includes multiple content integrations eg emergency alerts, social media, metrics etc.

The platform can be customised for use in multiple applications.

Proof of ROI

From non-subscription to low monthly plans, or solutions beat competitor systems.

The plans are flexible for low-budget projects to enterprise deployments.


Dynamic & Scalable

Our software works with BrightSign, Fhrome OS, Android and LG.

This helps build solutions with enterprise-grade systems and proven ROI.

High Impact Solution

Full-screen or zoned screen layouts multiply content delivery on the same screen.

This provides a high-impact solution for your screen real estate.

Enterprise-grade Support

Our support structure will future-proof your signage network and ensure continuity.

Enjoy free device upgrades, lifetime warranty, free training, 24/7 tech support.

Making the switch to Mvix

The #1 reason customers have switched to Mvix is:

The Mvix software is content-rich i.e. it has over 150 content apps and data sources & integrations that update automatically. This means our clients always have fresh content on their screens to keep their audiences engaged.

The #2 reason is:

The content apps include simple ones like social media to custom ones like metrics dashboards. This enables companies to easily communicate with different audiences in the same facility.

Key benefits of switching your digital signage platform to Mvix include:

  • The digital signage software is straightforward and easy to use. The user-friendly interface and simple navigation make using digital signage easy.
  • Dynamic live data integrations and content apps designed to expand the functionality of digital signs by allowing businesses to easily create and update content.
  • The solutions, which include software and hardware, are affordable so the ROI, whether monetary or qualitative, is a lot easier to achieve.
  • Enterprise-level and comprehensive support structure. Mvix also offers web-based training.
  • Dynamic service offerings that include Digital Signage ImplementationManaged Service PlansCustom Design to make the switch to Mvix easy.
  • Solutions Consultants who follow a consultative and customized approach. Team members are available at any time to provide support for customers or discuss ways that our solutions can be further refined.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee | No Subscriptions, No Contracts.

Starting a new Digital Signage Project?

We’ll help you figure out your digital signage needs and budget.

Content-Rich Digital Signage

Over 150 Content Sources and Data Integrations

Get easy to use software with support for your success