Pick ‘n’ Watch™

In-store product sales booster

Pick ‘n’ Watch™

In-store product sales booster.

Pick'n'Watch can be implemented in under an hour in just 3 easy steps


Pick'n'Watch is a plug and play digital transformation solution with a reasonable subscription model

Shelf fixtures and cameras are not required

Connect PHYSICAL PRODUCTS with DIGITAL CONTENT to engage shoppers, analyse behaviour and drive 10-30% sales lift with Pick ‘n’ Watch™ in less than an hour!

Pick ‘n’ Watch™ shows the right product video and the secret deal when the customer touches the product on the shelf, resulting in a sales increase of about 30%.

Turn Walkaways into Buyers!

View in-store customers “touch analytics” online by product, store, region, date and time.


• Right Video at the Right Time
• Show Secret Deals!
• Happy and Satisfied Customers
• Increase Sales
• Analyze Customer Behaviours


• Gives the most customer a “WOW” experience
• Increase sales and customer engagement
• Analyze customer activity in real-time in the dashboard
• Do A/B tests in real-time & sales
• Better target messaging and spend