Netopt Telehealth Gale Platform

The Comprehensive Remote Healthcare Platform.


The Comprehensive Remote Healthcare Platform.

GALE | Smart Diagnostic Devices

Netopt Telehealth Gale Platform is integrating industry leading diagnostic devices, and giving physicians real time control and access so they can make better diagnoses. The diagnostic and health information is safely and securely reported back to your existing EHR.

GALE | Healthcare AI

Netopt Telehealth Gale Platform A.I.  Aggregation technology enables easy and fast integration of different types of AI from different vendors. We also believe that AI does not and should not replace doctors, but is a great tool to make the care more efficient and patient centric

GALE | Telehealth Platform

Netopt Telehealth Gale Platform allows you to connect to your existing clinicians with your existing workflow. Different clinics for distinct specialties. Different communication technologies such as traditional Voice calls, Zoom video calls, H323 or full integration with partner Telehealth platforms. One simple experience.

GALE | Healthcare Education

Netopt Telehealth Gale Platform makes healthcare education an integral part of the clinical experience. A “Home” page to welcome the patients. A set of customizable, Interactive guides for the patient or local clinician. A content publishing system to customize the guides, so the standard of care is maintained even if the clinic is miles away.

GALE | Deployment Management

Netopt Telehealth Gale Platform eliminates the need for expensive local IT support. We provide complete control of the remote clinics from configuration and deployment through monitoring and updates. Strategic Management tools will alert you if there are problems and provide detailed usage information allowing you to improve your offering. The bottom line – you have visibility and control fo your remote locations and the need for expensive IT support is eliminated.

GALE | Point of Care Solutions

Netopt Telehealth Gale Platform supports different form factors for various physical locations, dedicated health rooms in workplaces or pharmacies, through rural retail stores. We have a form factor that will suit your needs.